Hello RCPO Friends... Jeff Stacey here!!

First, let me say that I hope all of you, and your families are healthy and safe! I would like to encourage everyone to reach out to members in their CPA classes (if you aren't already) and just 'check in' with each other. If there is ANYTHING I, or anyone else can do, to help PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let us know. We have to take care of each other!

Also, I was so encouraged by the turnout for the food delivery. The township and RPD continue to be so pleased with how we are able to support the community. Thank you to all of you who participated... love the masks and vest combos!

Finally, it is with great sadness to inform you of the death of one of our own. On Monday May 11th, Tom Silenzi passed away. Tom was in CPA 2015-01. He was an ARDENT supporter and volunteer for the organization and a true example of how to support his community. He had a great sense of humor, was so engaging when he was with you and was a wonderful human being. I will truly miss Tom's smile and my interactions with him, and our community has lost a true gentleman and advocate.

To Tom's family, we pray for you and wish you strength, comfort and peace during this difficult time.  Please know your community is here for you!! Here is the link to Tom's obituary which includes his wish for remembering him and his mention of the RCPO at the beginning is a true estimate to how dearly he felt about this organization and his community!


Thank you all for your notes during the last several weeks, they have meant a lot!  We are all here for each other.  Please take care and reach out if you need anything.

With great respect,
Jeff Stacey
President Emeritus
RCPO 2015-01

Very best,
Jeff Stacey