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February 2021 Newsletter

RCPO Spotlight

Fran and Joe

We first learned of the formation of a Radnor Citizens’ Police Academy through a newsletter sent by our local Commissioner. We found out that we would be members of the inaugural class, 2015-01. We weren’t sure what to expect, but after our first meeting, we were hooked. The professionalism and willingness of the Radnor Police Department to involve us in learning about police activities inspired us to become more involved with the safety of our community. Each week, for nine sessions, we watched and heard slide presentations given by various members of the township police community, from the Superintendent, down to new recruits. We witnessed a level of professionalism and dedication which inspired us to become more aware and engaged citizens.

In addition to slide programs, each week was dedicated to observing and discussing the most common aspects of police work, including such activities as a routine traffic stop, to a seemingly low-level domestic quarrel, which we learned could be some of the most dangerous situations for an officer. We also learned how to collect evidence and record it. Every week we looked forward to the class and we were sad when it ended and we graduated, but we were ready to do our part to help the police and the community.

After graduation, we were given the opportunity to volunteer for a number of police support activities. We and our classmates participated in many activities such as traffic control for township events, the Santa toy delivery and also crowd control for the visit of Pope Francis. No matter which activity we were asked to attend, we always came back to our favorite, Town Watch. We joked with our family and friends that it had become our go-to “date night”.

Health challenges as well as the Covid-19 pandemic have curtailed our direct participation in recent activities, but we still enjoy the feeling of camaraderie that exists within the RCPO. We strongly support the organization and encourage all Radnor citizens to become more involved.

We cannot overstate what a positive experience the RCPO has been for us, and we would like to thank all of the members and the entire police department for their support of the program.

Joe Ferroni, M.D.
Fran Thompson, RNC

A Note from the President

John Talucci 

Moments and the simple things…

At last, a new year is upon us, bringing with it the expectation that this year must be better than last. We have been challenged by recent events, which have redefined how many of us live our lives. The challenges posed by the Corona virus and the Presidential Election have fundamentally transformed how many of us see the world and each other. In meeting these challengesand analyzing the behavioral changes brought about by them, I think its important for us to define ourselves, by how we choose to live these moments.

We can choose to live “in” the moment when playing with our grandkids or “be” in the moment, when listening to a favorite song. We can also “relish” the moments when we realize how important they have become to us. String enough of these moments together in a lifetime and they become long lastingmemories. Sometimes the best moments happen when we least expect them and when everything falls into place making them happen.

It is often said that being in the moment eliminates the troubles of the past and the anxieties of the future. Paolo Coelho states “there are moments when trouble enters our lives and we can do nothing to avoid them. But they are there for a reason. Only when we have overcome them will we understand why they were there.”  These moments can also define who we are when under pressure, duress or extended periods of anxiety. It’s during these very moments, when we learn what we are made of, learn to make the best out of a bad situation, with tomorrow bringing in a brand-new day.

One of the ingredients common to moments is that they revolve around the simple things we cherish…quality time with family, dinner with a friend, a trip through the farmers market, an afternoon delight, home-cooked meals, good friends, or a walk on the trail, to name a few. The simple things in life are what moments are made of, memories made from, and looking back we realize these were the important things.

I hope all of you find your moments being a volunteer with RCPO, winters first snowfall, or a cup of tea by the fire. It is the simple things that make for memorable moments and the people we share them with.

Happy New Year.

John Talucci

Q&A with Radnor Police

Sgt. Mark Stiansen 

“During days that schools are closed and there are no students in attendance (holidays, school breaks, times of virtual learning), are school zone speed limits still in effect for school zones, with or without lights that are on, and for those that do not have lights?”

Good question……….the OFFICIAL answer is, if the amber lights are flashing then motorists must slow down to 15 MPH.   We have a company we work with and we provide them the times the school zones are to be activated. 

For example, we will tell them the Radnor Middle School needs to be activated M-F from 0815-0845 and again 1445-1515 hrs.  When school is out for the summer, we tell them to turn the lights off.  March 2020-present has been difficult because of the virtual and hybrid learning.  Instead of having this company have to come out whenever a school switches from all virtual to hybrid to eventually all students in class we just had them stay on the same schedule they normally would.   Additionally,  the signs without the flashing lights are also enforceable, but those are generally on ancillary streets and not the main street.  For example, you’ll have the flashing lights on S. Wayne by the middle school and the signs without lights on Windermere.   

This may have been a lengthier answer than you were looking for, but I want you to understand the reasoning behind the madness.  To reiterate, if the lights are active, slow down to 15 MPH even if it appears that school is not in session.

Social Zoom with Radnor Citizens Police Organization

Since we can't get together socially, we have decided to have a virtual get together / happy hour.  The first one will be held on Monday, March 15th at 7:00p, and we hope to have more in the future as well. Please feel free to join us if you are available.

Topic: Social Zoom with Radnor Citizens Police Organization
Time: Mar 15, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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