We have been invited to participate in the annual Radnor Township Memorial Day parade on Monday, May 27th.  Please join us for this fun and patriotic event, from the comfort of our air-conditioned vehicles.

Date: Monday, May 27, 2024

Time: 9:15am assembly at the staging area for a 9:45am start time.

Location: The staging area for the Parade is the parking lot behind the Radnor Financial Center Building on Lancaster Avenue across from St. David’s Square Shopping Center.  RCPO will be lined up in position # 19.

Signup Details

Please visit our Event Signup Page to sign up for this event, or simply reply to this email.


Instructions to Marchers

We are pleased that you and your organization will be marching in this year’s Radnor Memorial Day Parade on Monday, May 27.  The staging area for the Parade is the parking lot behind the Radnor Financial Center Building on Lancaster Avenue across from St. David’s Square Shopping Center.  Because hundreds of people and vehicles participate in the Parade, we ask that your organization comply with the instructions below to ensure the safety of all participants:

  1. In addition to this Information Packet, a list of all units marching in the Parade and the order in which the units will depart from the staging is attached to the covering e-mail.  A map of the staging area which indicates by number where each group should assemble within the staging area will be sent separately. 
  2. The Parade will start from the staging area at 9:45 a.m. sharp. We ask that all organizations assemble in their respective areas by no later than 9:00 a.m.
  3. Vehicles entering the staging area should use one of the driveways off Lancaster Avenue or Radnor Chester Road as shown on the map. The ramp to the west of 555 Lancaster Avenue is reserved exclusively as a staging area for units.  No vehicles will be permitted to use this ramp to enter or exit the staging area.
  4. Only those people and vehicles participating in the Parade will be permitted within the staging area at the top of the map. Vehicles not participating in the Parade should be parked in the locations shown on the map. 
  5. If a vehicle is discharging a marcher for the Parade, the vehicle should enter the staging area through one of the two entrance ramps, discharge the marcher, and then exit the staging area through the other entrance driveway.
  6. The line of march of the Parade is west on Lancaster Avenue to the intersection with South Wayne Avenue and then south on South Wayne to the Township War Memorial. No parking is permitted near the War Memorial, the South Wayne Avenue municipal parking lot or the streets adjacent to the War Memorial during the Parade.
  7. In order to maintain the flow of the Parade, we ask that all units maintain a distance of 50 feet from the preceding unit.  Please make certain that the gap between your organization and the group in front of you does not exceed 50 feet.
  8. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE CANDY OR OTHER OBJECTS TO SPECTATORS ALONG THE PARADE ROUTE.  Such activities slow the pace of the Parade and endanger children running onto Lancaster Avenue to get the handouts.
  9. Vehicles in the line of march should not blow horns or sound sirens.
  10. There will be a short memorial service at the War Memorial immediately following the conclusion of the Parade.  We invite all participants in the Parade to attend the service.
  11. Please go to our website, http://www.radnormemorialday.org, for any last-minute instructions, particularly if the weather is threatening.

We look forward to seeing you on Memorial Day and we hope you have a great Parade!

Order of Parade

01 - Radnor Township Police car and motorcycles

02– Color Guard – Bateman Gallagher Post 668

03 - Poppy Queen

04 – Bateman Gallagher American Legion Post 668

05 - American Legion Post 418

06-- Paoli American Legion Post 646

07 -Vehicles commemorating American wars:

  • World War II
  • Korean War
  • Vietnam War
  • Afghan/Iraq War
  • Persian Gulf
  • Combat Vets Motorcycle Association Chapter 22-12

08--Parade Marshall

09 - Radnor Fire Company

10--Radnor Township Commissioners

11 –State Representative Borowski

12 –Radnor High School Marching Band

13 – Radnor Township Education Association

14 – Radnor High School Scholarship Fund

15 – Sons of the American Revolution

17 – Wayne Business Association

18 – Rotary Club of Wayne

19 – Radnor Citizens Police Organization

20 – Bahai Community of Radnor Township

21 – Radnor Conservancy

22 – Radnor League of Women Voters

23—Surrey Services for Seniors

25 – Paoli Boy Scout Troop 1

26 - Radnor Historical Society

27 – Main Line Meals on Wheels

28 –

29 – Antique Cars – 1910-43

32 - Radnor Wayne Little League

33 – Wayne Wildcats

34 – Memorial Service Reminder Vehicle

35 – Memorial Library of Radnor Township

36 –Main Line Irish American Festival Committee

37 – Community Garden Club of Wayne

38 – Knights of Columbus of St. Katharine’s

39 – Antique Cars – 1944-60

40—TESD Girl Scouts

41 - 

42 – Girl Scouts (if any others show up)

45—Radnor Cub Scout Packs 284 and 219

46 – Cub Scouts (if any others show up)

55 – Antique Cars – 1961-76

56 - Mid-Atlantic Amateur Radio Club

57 –

58 – Radnor School District Transportation

63 – Bryn Mawr Fire Company

64 – Berwyn Fire Company

65 – Newtown Square Fire Company


67 – Valley Forge Military Academy

Event Website: http://radnormemorialday.org/