These are instructions for setting up an ICOM handheld radio for use at events and town watch patrol for RCPO members.

Turn On

Remove the radio from the charging base station, and power it on using the round knob at the upper right hand side of the unit.  This also functions as the volume control, so turn it all the way up to maximum volume initially, and you can adjust the volume down as needed.

Changing Channels

There are 2 small buttons on the left hand side of the unit, below the large transmit button.  Use these to change channels up and down.

Selecting Radnor Tactical Channel

Using the channel selection buttons, make sure that RDNR TAC, the Radnor Township Tactical channel, is selected

Lock Channel

To ensure you do not accidentally switch over to other channels, when RDNR TAC is selected, press and HOLD the P0 Key.  

After 1 second it will say LOCK ON and a key will show in the display upper right corner:

The radio is now locked into the RDNR TAC channel, which will prevent accidental changing to any of the other channels, including the police dispatch ones.

See the Radio Use page for information on using the radio.