The radio unit itself should be positioned vertically, in order to match the orientation of the repeater transmission tower located at the township building.  The radio has a clip on it, and is usually clipped onto your pants/belt.  This can be located on your back since the microphone unit has a transmission button on it. 

The microphone also has a clip on it as well.  There is a small loop at the top of your safety vest that is there to clip this onto.

The microphone transmission button is the only one you'll need to use once you follow the Radio Setup instructions.


When the radio is turned on and volume turned up properly, you will hear any transmissions made on the channel.  This will come out of the microphone when connected.


In order to transmit, follow the following steps:

On the side of the microphone is a large transmit button.  Press and hold down on this button.

While holding the button down, wait for 1-2 seconds.  This allows for the repeater at the township building to pick up your transmission and start repeating that signal to all of the other radios.  This also allows those that are scanning multiple channels to tune into the Radnor Tactical channel to receive.

Talk across the microphone, not directly into it.  Your mouth should be at least a couple inches away, but not too far, from the microphone.

If you are wearing the microphone on your vest, turning your head slightly in that direction is good placement and distance for talking.

Initiating a Call

When starting your call, announce your tactical call sign and the call sign of the person you are trying to reach.  Also state the channel you are on is Radnor Tac, so that anyone responding knows if they need to change to that channel.

For example "Town Watch Car 1 calling Radnor OIC on Radnor Tac".

Answering a Call

If your call sign is called, just announce your tactical call sign as response that you heard the call and are listening.

For example "Go for Town Watch Car 1".


Always use concise and clear language, do not use codes or slang.


When transmitting, keep in mind that you are transmitting normal radio waves, so anyone with a scanner or radio could be able to monitor your transmission.  For this reason, always use tactical call signs, and never names.  Also, keep in mind to be calm, clear, collected and professional at all times.  Never transmit something of confidential nature or anything that could violate someone's privacy.  If in doubt, initiate a call over the radio and request a call via cell phone.